Made from the exclusive Muzzicycles technology frame this is the world’s 1st recycled plastic bike.

Muzzicycles has exclusive European representation by the Portuguese company Maryasa.



Being sustainable on wheels is synonymous with an ecological bike!

Bicycles have increasingly been a means of transport of choice, not only for physical activities, but above all, for more sustainable daily journeys.On the other hand, plastic has been seen as the opposite of eco-friendly in recent years.


And here comes the brilliant idea of Muzzicycles – to combine sustainable mobility with the recycling of products derived from plastic!



Muzzicycles, in 2012, after years of research, development and testing, officially presents the first bicycle frame model produced entirely with recycled plastic, coming from the reuse of plastic bottles, hygiene product packaging and other plastics (such as polypropylene, nylon, ABS, etc.) which, after being crushed and treated, are injected into a mold.


What makes this eco bike so special?

Each unit uses about 70% of recycled materials to be made, in addition to 30% of fiberglass, responsible for giving more stability and resistance to the product.

When we analyze the ecological concept well, the Muzzicycles bike, in addition to reusing a resource considered “garbage”, avoids the manufacture of aluminum and eliminates the use of welding and painting, as the frame is a single piece, already injected in color. desired. Obviously, all this generates great energy and cost savings compared to conventional frames produced traditionally.

Another particularity of this bike is the fact that the frame does not rust, does not need shock absorbers and provides a lighter pedaling, with less vibration and spinal strain.

This amazing eco bike model from Muzzicycles is just the beginning of a future full of innovation and updates for new models and products, always with the maximum “eco friendly”.

This bicycle is proof that creativity and dedication can transform waste into useful products for our daily lives, helping to reduce pollution in Nature due to the plastic disposal that ends up in the seas and oceans.

Maryasa believes in a planet that is cared for and protected for future generations. In this sense, we proudly bet on this incredible partnership with Muzzicycles.

As exclusive representatives of Muzzicycles in Europe, we will be exhibiting this eco-bike model at the upcoming Eurobike Fair in Frankfurt.

We are ready for the future!

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